Five key things to consider when choosing education technology

Five key things to consider when choosing education technology.

1. Your budget

In today’s modern world, technology is a way of life in schools, and it's been a benefit to students and teachers. However, your buying power depends on your budget. We recommend you evaluate your critical needs first instead of jumping onto the latest technology trend.

2. The type of equipment

It’s important to consider the software and hardware you will need from desktop, laptop or tablets, through to speed and battery life as well as connectivity to things like projectors. We recommend you get advice from experts to find the best suited solution.

3. Easy to understand

We all know the frustration and disruption caused by equipment that is slow to boot. Technology can be easier to embrace when it’s easy to connect, turn on and use straight away. In that case, when making a purchase consider simplicity and make sure you have instructions or if needed an expert at hand to advise.

4. Stands the test of time

When purchasing technology solutions, it’s important to think ahead. Consider whether the technology solutions you are purchasing will meet their original purposes in years to come and makes the most of your budget.

5. The conditions

Consider practical issues such as classroom size, what the teaching & learning outcomes objectives are, age groups and abilities. It’s important to have the correct quantity of the correct technology you can safely facilitate. If underestimated this will likely affect your teaching & learning outcomes as well as adversely affect your budget and timescale.

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